22nd November - 24th November 2011

The course starts at 9am each day and finishes at around 5.30pm

You can stay in the centre. All bedding is provided

No meals are provided as part of the course but there is a self-catering kitchen in the centre.

The cost of the 3 day course is 200 including accommodation.

You must be 17yrs old to Attend this course

BCU Raft Guide Scheme

The BCU Raft Guide scheme is a nationally recognised award scheme for guiding commercial rafts. Entry into the Raft Guide scheme is at Level 1 (site-specific) with progression through the scheme to the Level 5 Award.

Both Level 1 Training courses and Level 1 Assessments are available at Llandysul Paddlers Canoe Centre. Assessments are also available for Level 1 Guides who are working towards their Level 2 Award. In addition, Training and Assessment courses can be run at alternative locations in the UK and abroad.

Level 1 Raft Guide Award
The Level 1 Award is made up of a training course followed by a one-day assessment. Between the training course and assessment you are expected to gain guiding experience in the form of logged rafting sessions. The Level 1 Raft Guide Training course is generic and where you attend your training course does not affect your qualification. However, the assessment is site-specific; the site you are assessed on is the site where you are qualified to guide. If you want to guide at additional sites you will need to be assessed on those sites as well.

Central Registration
To be able to attend any of the Raft Guide courses you must have centrally registered with your governing body (BCU/WCA/SCA). To centrally register you must complete a C1 form (available from the BCU/WCA/SCA) and return it along with copies of your pre-requisites. Your governing body will then stamp the form and return it to you. You will be unable to attend any of the courses below if you do not have a stamped C1 form.

Level 1 Raft Guide Training Course
This is a three day training course that is suitable for candidates with little or no whitewater experience. Although the course is mainly river-based it also includes some flat-water and dry-land training, as well as theory sessions.

Core topics:
      River skills using paddle rafts
      River dynamics
      River safety and rescue
      Raft design & maintenance
      Client care and Duty of Care
      Manual handling
      Incident management

If you would like to attend a course please download a Booking Form fill it in and post it to us. For any further enquiries email the address below or phone us on 01559 363209.

Pictures by Geoff and Ian