BCU Level 2 Coach Transfer

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125 per person

Purpose of award:
The Level 2 Transfer course is designed to get any coaches of BCU Level 2 or above in the old scheme in line with the new UKCC endorsed coaching scheme at Level 2, by providing a shortened BCU UKCC Level 2 training course. After the Level 2 Transfer course, coaches are deemed to be a BCU UKCC Level 2 trainee and when they are ready to do so, will attend the same assessment as any other level 2 trainee.

The BCU UKCC Level 2 is a generic award, which means you will be expected to be able to deliver sessions in a variety of crafts, including both canoes and kayaks. The advantage of this is that once qualified, you can deliver sessions in any craft you like within the sheltered water remit. If you hold coaching awards in the old scheme which give you a greater remit than that of the BCU UKCC Level 2, you will not lose them and will still be able to work within that remit, but only using the craft to which the award is relevant.

Please note that the BCU Level 2 Transfer course is a 2-day course and is run by two UKCC course directors.

What do I need to do before the course?
You must hold the new 2 star or old 2 star or above in both canoe and kayak. 
Coach Registration at least 2 weeks prior to the course (CR form) 

What do I need to do before the assessment?
After the transfer course, you have 12 months in which to go to assessment. As per any Level 2 trainee, you will be required to complete a Level 2 logbook, and deliver and reflect upon 6 consecutive sessions with the same students within a sheltered environment. You will be assigned a mentor who can help you through the Level 2 trainee phase and may be able to assist you in finding suitable students to work with.

Before you are ready for assessment, you should ensure that you hold a day first aid certificate and have either attended a 3 hour Foundation Module, a Discipline Specific Module or hold a 3 star in two disciplines. For more information on the BCU UKCC Level 2 award including the trainee phase and assessment, see this page.

What can I do as BCU UKCC Level 2?
As a BCU UKCC Level 2 coach you are able to work independently in sheltered environments running progressive sessions in a variety of crafts. You can also take paddlers through the following BCU Awards. If you wish to deliver any of these awards please contact us to request the certificates, pass-slips and resources:

BCU Paddlesport Start and BCU Paddlepower Start
BCU Placid Water Racing Awards
BCU Cross Stream Challenge
BCU Paddlepower Passport, BCU 1 Star and BCU 2 star:

If you wish to deliver any of these awards you need to complete the star award assessor registration form.

What can I do next?
There are many possible coaching pathways, but the following are suggestions of common development pathways:

You are eligible for BCU UKCC Level 3 training as soon as you have attended the Level 2 transfer course. Level 3 progresses further the coaching theory you have already covered and looks at developing paddlers over a period of 12 months. See the BCU UKCC Level 3 page for more information.
The BCU 4 Star Leader award covers the skills required to lead others in a moderate water environment relating to a discipline (Sea, Surf, Whitewater, Canoe, and Touring). The BCU 4 Star Leader award is not for coaching in moderate water but along with your Level 2 coaching award, it fulfils the pre-requisites for the Moderate Water Endorsement, which ensures you have the skills and experience to coach in that environment. The Moderate Water Endorsement is discipline specific; you can get the endorsement in as many disciplines as you like.
You may chose to attend any of the Continual Professional Development modules to develop your knowledge on specific areas such as fitness & nutrition or a particular discipline. CPD modules can be attended at any time in your coach development.

After holding the Level 2 for three years, you can apply to provide the Foundation Safety and Rescue award. Please contact us to request a logbook.

If you would like to attend a course please download a Booking Form fill it in and post it to us. For any further enquiries email the address below or phone us on 01559 363209.

Pictures by Geoff and Ian