SMBLA Trail Cycle Leader Training

TCL training is available on 18th & 19th April 2015

Assessments are available at Llandysul Paddlers on the following dates:
      Feb 21st 2015
      March 28th 2015
      May 30th 2015
      June 13th 2015

Aim: to prepare you for the SMBLA Trail Cycle Leader assessment course (1 day)

Max number: 8


All candidates must have registered with Scottish Cycling and received a registration pack containing course training manual and registration number prior to training course. Registration costs 50 and can be done online at
Candidates must be over 18 for assessment (can be just under 18 for training, but I need to get prior approval if this is the case)

There is plenty of info on the SMBLA part of the British Cycling website - just put SMBLA into Google and its the first one that comes up.

All candidates need to have access to bikes and suitable clothing/equipment (helmets etc).

The cost of the course is 130 + Vat - this includes accommodation and equipment if needed.

If you would like more information or to book on the course just let me know by email the address below. or call 01559363209


If you book on to a Trail Cycle Leader training course at LLandysul Paddlers the course will commence at 9am on the Saturday and Sunday, aiming to finish around 4.30 each day.
Prior to the course you will need to have registered with the MBLA, if you have not already done this you can do it at:
It is essential that you do this as soon as possible if you have not done it already.

You will need to bring with you:
A serviceable bike appropriate for off-road riding (or arrange beforehand with Llandysul Paddlers if you are borrowing one off them)
Any bike tools you have
Food and water
Appropriate clothing for mountain biking including waterproof jacket.
Pen and paper
It will also be of benefit to have a cycle computer and a compass if you have them.

The course will involve a mixture of classroom sessions, and practical riding sessions.
If you have any questions beforehand, please contact me either via email or phone.

Geraint Forster
MBLA Tutor
Mobile: 0794 1232587

Pictures by Geoff and Ian