Code of Conduct and River Access

Use only permitted access and egress points (please enquire at the centre).

Avoid sudden or excessive noise.

Show consideration to the local community when parking vehicles.

Keep away from banks where angling is taking place.

Canoe in small groups whenever possible.

Please look above the bridge in Llandysul before entering the water from the Llandysul paddlers canoe centre fields. If anyone is fishing please enter the river from below the bridge or pass on the opposite side of the river.

The residents of Bridge Street have asked water users to keep the noise level as low as possible when passing behind their houses. Bridge Street is situated above the bridge in Llandysul, on the right hand side of the river as you paddle downstream.

Avoid wildlife disturbance and environmental damage.

Be considerate to other water users.

Support local businesses if you can.

Leave no trace of your visit.

Get changed out of public view.

Be friendly and polite to local residents.

Pass fishermen on the opposite side of the river unless directed otherwise.

Follow the country code.

Promoting the conservation of the environment:

Llandysul Paddler’s statement
At Llandysul Paddlers we expect a high standard of behaviour and practice to be followed while using the natural resources in our village. The standard that expected is only to use permitted access and egress points, that do not effect the natural landscape and the surrounding wildlife; when using those points, please take into consideration of local residence.  There are numerous organisations that have been established to ensure the continuation of these activities, alongside the continuous conservation of the environment.

Good practice and guidance
Wales has a large amount of inland and coastal waters that are amongst the best in Europe.  These water sources are used for sport or recreation, and those participating should do so in an appropriate and considerate manner.

Please ensure when you are launching that you use the permitted access and aggress points (please ask at the centre), this will enable us to decrease the amount of erosion along the riverbank.  The river and its surroundings is home to various animals and plants, so please avoid the disturbance of these and erosion where possible.
When paddling during low water conditions, please avoid paddling over gravel banks, as this could damage the riverbed and your canoe.  While canoeing along the river, if you happen to see any environmental or suspicious activity, please notify the centre manager, Gareth Bryant.  If you see anyone in genuine danger, on or off the water, offer them assistance, but do not put yourself or anyone of your group in risk.

Ensure that you take any rubbish home with you and have no trace of your visit as littering can have a significant affect on the local environment.  If you are a smoker, take your cigarette butts away with you and dispose of them appropriately.

Keep an eye out for anglers on the riverbanks and keep away from the edges of the bank: if you see them, ensure that you pass them on the opposite side of the river.  Be considerate of other river users; show consideration to organised events and give way to them, as this will ensure that you can share the water peacefully without conflict.
When taking a group out on the river, try to keep the volume of noise to a minimum.  Bridge Street residents have requested water users to keep noise down when passing their land.  With this in mind, be polite to local residence; if you act in a responsible manner, it will continue the good relationship between the residents and the landowners.  Use the centre and public changing facilities to avoid indecent exposure.
Please use the centre’s car park as not to obstruct roads or entranceways to other buildings or facilities.  Whilst on the river, avoid collisions with other users, and indicate your presence to them.  Before entering any land, ensure that you have gained permission from the landowner.


Access information:

This section is allocated to land owners and fishing clubs to list any points about access.

Mr Thomas has pointed out that he owns 50 yards of fishing above the power house in Llandysul and 40 yards of fishing above the old Fedwen bakery in Llandysul if paddlers could please paddle on the right hand side of the river when passing these points he would appreciate it. We also have a sketch map in the office if you are unclear which sections of river this relates to.

Pictures by Geoff and Ian